At the weekend we visited Elm Village fete. We did not have a stall this time round but we met some great people. A special thanks goes to Gary the fireman who allowed our eldest son to sit in the fire engine. What a fantastic job you all do and thanks for a great catch up. Gary visits our site and was surprised to read in our blog that we stock shops as far down as Devon. Hopefully see you down the coast for August bank and if you go don't forget to check out our extensive range in the Garden House Art Gallery in Cromer.

Our dowels are gently pushed into position. Glue which is applied to the dowel recess pushes out back down the dowel via the serrated edges and ensures that the whole surface is coated. This helps produce an extremely tight and strong joint. In our next blog I will talk about our glue. Enjoy your woodwork.

When we produce our benches we use dowels to give the rails extra strength. To produce high quality joints we use a dowel jig which pin points the exact location on each surface. We the precision drill for a snug fit. The dowels have bevelled edges which increases the surface area gor glueing. ...........

We have been hard at work recently designing some furniture which you guys have requsted.There have been some fantastic ideas put to us and we have loved working with you on your projects. Stu

Hello, our weekend at the the Crab and Lobster festival held in Cromer on Saturday and Sheringham on Sunday was a success. I produced a range of Crabs/Lobsters for the event as well as our signature hearts and waves. We were delighted with the sale of all of our hearts from which we donate 20% to the Great Ormand Street Hospital and the Cardiac unit. I would like to thank everyone who brought our art and also those of you we chatted to. We met some great people and you made the day race by. Well done to the organisers too. 

Recently, we designed a range of waves for The Board Barn in Devon. The designs were finished in a number of colours and had single, double or triple waves which were surrounded by a frame. The pieces can either stand on a surface or be mounted on a wall. Guy, who owns the shop, was pleased with the designs and also the font which was on the front on the waves and relates to one of devons most famous beaches. The Beach name was burnt into the wood and adds a great contrast to the natural tones of the wood. 

We have recently been designing childrens play blocks. Each block has a letter from the childs name on the front and a number on the back so they can be used to help spelling and also counting. We are trying to work on a page to our website which we can display these on. We are also trying to work on pricing. The Blocks are finely sanded and polished to a high standard which gives an awesome finish. We use Fiddes and Sons wax which can be purchased to renew the shine over time. 

This week we have been looking at what font to use for the art work we are going to be supplying the Board Barn in Croyde. Guy (shop owner) originally liked the Coor's Beer font which has a rich and fresh feel to it. Luckily for us Tom, from Monster Creative, and his team have been hard at work creating something which is both rich and fresh and have come up with the goods. We will hopefully have the new font on our site soon......

Happy Easter to you all. We spent Easter in Croyde Bay Devon this year and witnessed the most amazing surf nature has to offer. 6-9ft with clean offshore winds and a massive interval between sets. Croyde at low tide was not for the faint hearted but we managed to have some fun all the same. We also managed to chat to Guy from The Board Barn who will be stocking our reclaimed and sculpted wave art. An awesome bloke with an awesome shop.....knottywood

We would like to congratulate our friends on the birth of their son. It was our our pleasure to create some bespoke building blocks with a letter of their sons name on each one. We finished them off with a fine grade sand paper and a light coloured polish. We hope they are played with lots and would like to say well done to you both. Knottywood.