Hello. Our furniture is stocked in many shops across Cambridgeshire and Norfolk and in the next few months we will be delivering some large pieces to Jasmins Art Gallery in Wisbech. Jasmins already stock our well loved hearts and squirrels. We are hoping to add a table and benches, a dresser and coffee tables especially for those of you who would like to view our furniture and get a feel for the rich colours of the wood before you buy.  Knottywood.

Hello. In Feb we produced a number of large and small chunky hearts for different shops. They varied in design between 2 large hearts together or 3 hearts (2 large either side and a small one inbetween). These were particularly popular for Valentines Day and Mothers day. There are still some available in The Garden House (Cromer), Worzals (Walpole Highway) and Jasmins Art Gallery (Wisbech). Other shops have sold out but we could make to order and delivery is only £5. Different colours can also be made on request so please feel free to ask. Knottywood Furniture

Hello. To those of you who have been following our blogs we are going to post more regularly to give you an idea of our business. We would like to thank all our customers for their orders before Christmas. 2012 was a good year and the end was as busy as ever. Lots of people ordered chunky tables and benches before Christmas and we were pleased to deliver on time. Although deadlines can be tough to meet we were blown away by your positive and happy feedback which makes it all worth it. Whatch this space. Knottywood.

Happy New Year from Knottywood. We would like to thank all the people who ordered bespoke chunky furniture over a very busy Christmas period. We dilivered furniture from Yorkshire to Oxfordshire and appreciated your complements and cups of tea. Wishing you a very Happy 2012.

We have produced a small number of tables with an angled edge on the legs. This changes the look of the table because the legs appear smaller and less chunky. This also gives the tables a more contemporary look. Tables can be ordered in a range of sizes and styles can be adjusted to suit.

This month has seen an increase in the sales of our chunky hearts. Many of Knottywoods double hearts have been selling due to the wedding season moving into full swing. We have received fantastic feedback and requests. The price of a standard parcel with Royal Mail is £4.41 so our hearts can be posted to the anywhere in the UK. Many thanks to those of you who have already ordered. Wishing you a fantastic summer! Knottywood