Chunky Coffee Tables & Cubes

Our chunky coffee tables are handmade using reclaimed thick timber planks highlighting the natural quality of the wood used.

The tables are finished to an extremely high standard with a medium coloured wax and painted in matchstick cream to complement your lifestyle and interior.


We have a wide range of stock sizes and we are more than happy to work with you to create bespoke pieces, so just ask!

Height 47cm

(All sizes are approximate) 

  • Edgefield            Width 80cm x Length 92cm          £175
  • East Runton       Width 80cm x Length 122cm        £200
  • Dersingham       Width 80cm x Length 153cm         £315
  • Walsingham       Width 80cm x Length 183cm        £430
  • Peterstone          Width 80cm x Length 214cm        £560
  • North Creake      Width 60cm x Length 60cm          £135
  • West Runton       Width 60cm x Length 92cm          £150
  • Wolferton           Width 60cm x Length 122cm        £175
  • Felbrigg               Width 60cm x Length 153cm        £225
  • Walcott               Width 60cm x Length 183cm        £350


These chunky cubes are simple, versatile pieces of furniture to enjoy and adapt to your lifestyle. They are ideal for side tables, coffee tables or bedside tables and are finished in a medium wax.

Height 52cm

  • Eccles Cube                     Width 52cm x Length 45cm £110
  • Eccles Cude with shelf   Width 52cm x Length 45cm £120